Steve Karsten

As a 4th generation construction company owner, Steve had this business instilled within him long before JWK Construction was formed. In 1985, he became one of the Founding Partners of JWK Construction. He has held many titles throughout the years - from Vice President to his current title, President. Family means the world to him - as does his ‘title’ as husband and father to his three daughters.


Joe Wilcox

Joe has deep roots in this field. One of his grandfathers was a carpenter and entrepreneur and Joe always looked up to what he did for a living. Joe took pride in watching him take a project from the ground up but also worked with those who couldn’t really afford the project that needed to be done on their home. Joe’s other grandfather was an engineer - detail oriented to a fault. He always taught Joe that “there’s no reason to ever do a job unless you are going to do it right”. Because of these incredibly influential men - Joe is the worker and business owner that he is today. They instilled the “old school values” and allowed Joe to grow from laborer to carpenter to owner by the age of 25.


Jason Meyers

Jason has been a part of JWK Construction since early 2004. He enjoys the challenge of completing jobs from start to finish, no matter the scope. He believes that with determination and teamwork anything is possible. When he is not working he enjoys anything outdoors, including - fishing, hunting and camping with his wife and two boys.


Matt Wierenga

Matt’s entire family was and still is in the building trade - so it was natural for him to pursue construction. In 2001 Matt joined the team at JWK Construction as a Laborer. After only 3 short years he moved to Supervisor and in 2018 he acquired the Vice President title. Although he is fully devoted to his work at JWK, he still finds time to create memories with his wife and three daughters, as well as hunt and fish.